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Most children who lose a parent growing up believe they will always be alone. As a result, they are likely to find hope in things that can not heal or help. The purpose of this book is to encourage children and families to look to God for guidance. His promises to be near are true. In the story of our adoptive son, Nebeyu, you will see God's promises fulfilled time and time again. God takes the orphan and makes him a son or daughter. There is hope for the hurting.

Walking in faith and saying ‘yes’ to God always leads to life-changing stories of redemption. With full vulnerability and transparency, Wendi gracefully shares how her ‘yes’ to God led their family to adopt both internationally and locally. Not Forgotten is a story of heartbreak, healing, and hope. Through each turned page, your heart will be opened, your faith will be inspired, and you will see proof of God’s faithfulness. In the pages of this book, you will embark on an authentic journey from orphan to sonship. You will see how God was near in every situation. God truly keeps His promise never to leave us.  -Bob Goff

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